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Joyce Chen 22-0060 Wok Review

Since the summer is back in full swing, everyone is trying to eat healthily. Doing so can be a challenge when you don't have the kitchen equipment to make that possible. Dieticians believe that equipping your kitchen with a wok is a sure way of cooking healthy meals.

If you have never attempted using a wok to cook your meals, you shouldn't be discouraged. The
 Joyce Chen 22-0060 Pro Chef Flat Bottom Wok is an inexpensive option that mimics the shape and builds of high-grade woks.
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Keep on reading for a detailed review regarding the Joyce Chen 22-0060 Pro Chef Flat Bottom Wok.

About The Product

  • Flat Bottom
  • Diameter: 14 inches
  • Comes with a Helper Handle
  • Carbon Steel Thickness: 2 millimeters
  • Carbon Steel Body



No one wants to utilize kitchen appliances that can burn you or injure you in any way. Fortunately for you, the minds behind the Joyce Chen 22-0060 Pro Chef Flat Bottom Wok figured out a way to make cooking safe for you.

For instance, while you’re cooking up some food on the Joyce Chen 22-0060 Pro Chef Flat Bottom Wok, you don’t have to worry about avoiding the handles. In fact, you can grab onto the handles so you can balance the wok while you mix your food.

The handles won’t heat up to a point where you burn yourself because they are made out of Phenolic handles, which are known to stay cool.
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What Customers Are Saying

If you don’t plan on cooking massive amounts of food on the Joyce Chen 22-0060 Pro Chef Flat Bottom Wok, then you shouldn’t have any problem using it. Some customers who did end up heating the wok and throwing in a bunch of food ended up having to deal with the handles coming off.


Buyer Advice

Customers love the quality of food that the Joyce Chen 22-0060 Pro Chef Flat Bottom Wok ensures with every use. You can imagine the high quality of food you can create with this wok since it’s modeled closely to woks that professional chefs would use.

Those who have owned woks before should understand that taking care of this one will be slightly different. This is because of the more than average thickness of carbon steel that’s used to manufacture the Joyce Chen 22-0060 Pro Chef Flat Bottom Wok.

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It would be wise on your part to keep on reading because we have come up with simple ways for you to ensure you get the most out of your Joyce Chen 22-0060 Pro Chef Flat Bottom Wok.

How To Clean

The steps you’ll have to take to initially clean the Joyce Chen 22-0060 Pro Chef Flat Bottom Wok vary from the steps you’ll have to take for day to day care. Most buyers aren’t aware that there is a difference between the two steps and end up ruining their woks.

First Cleaning Process

  • There will be a protective coating surrounding you wok, which will need to be removed before you can use it.
  • You’ll want to fill the wok two thirds full with cold water. Then place it on top of your stove and let it boil on high for about 5 minutes.
  • Once the water is bubbling, you can turn the stove off and pour the water out of the wok.
  • At this point, you should have your sponge with dish soap ready. After you pour out the water, you'll have to start scrubbing with the sponge. Make sure to scrub both on the inside and outside of the wok.
  • By now you should have rinsed the wok and wiped it dry. You don't want to let it air dry because you are going to season the wok immediately. Keep reading below for a step by step look as to how you can season your Joyce Chen 22-0060 Pro Chef Flat Bottom Wok.

First Seasoning Process

  • The first seasoning process you'll be undertaking won't resemble future seasoning processes. However, if you forget to perform the initial seasoning of the wok successfully, then the food you cook on it won't be of top quality.
  • You have to rub about two tablespoons of cooking oil onto the inner surface of the wok. Make sure to cover every inch of the inner surface areabecause you may damage the wok otherwise.
  • Place the stove top on medium heat and place the wok there for a little under 10 minutes. While the wok is heating up, you’ll want to take a paper towel and drench it in oil. This is when you apply the oil to the inner surface of the Joyce Chen 22-0060 Pro Chef Flat Bottom Wok.
  • To make sure that the wok is entirely seasoned, you'll want to tilt it over the stove top burner, so the sides get exposed to heat as well.
  • After your ten minutes are up, set the wok somewhere so that it can cool down.
  • Once you repeat the steps listed above three to four times, your Joyce Chen 22-0060 Pro Chef Flat Bottom Wok will be ready for use. Don't worry if the wok darkens in color after every seasoning because this should occur. A darkened wok translates to a well-seasoned one.
Now that you have a basic understanding of the steps you need to take to prepare your wok correctly, you're now ready to find out how you can take daily care of your wok.

Daily Care Step by Step

  • The first rule you should always keep in mind when you're cleaning your wok is only to use hot water. After you're done, let the wok air dry.
  • If there happens to be burned food stuck to the wok, you can use hot water and a scouring pad. Making use of dishwashing soap or any detergent will reverse all the steps you took to season the wok
  • Those who use soap can restore the Joyce Chen 22-0060 Pro Chef Flat Bottom Wok protective finish by re-seasoning it.
  • You should avoid washing your wok in a dishwasher at all costs since doing so will also ruin your seasoning work. As a side note, you can prevent your wok from rusting if you properly season it from time to time.
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Our Recommendation

We had to compare a ton of online retailers that sold the Joyce Chen 22-0060 Pro Chef Flat Bottom Wok to help you figure out which one offers the optimal deal. Amazon seems to be everyone’s go-to choice for their ordering needs.
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How To Clean