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The Best Electric Wok Buying Guide

When you’re looking for a piece of cookware that combines ancient styles of cooking with modern conveniences, the electric wok is usually a great place to start. Compared to standalone wok styles, having an electric wok means you can cook from virtually anywhere that has power and do so with the authentic tastes and flavors that this cookware brings.

If you’ve never owned one before you might be wondering where to buy an electric wok and what to look for when choosing the right product. With literally hundreds of options on the market, this search can be a long one, especially if you find yourself reading through the countless electric wok reviews claiming that each one is the greatest.

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For this reason, we’ve compiled a simple buyer’s guide that can point you in the right direction of the best electric wok reviews and which ones are standout products. We’ll even show you exactly what features to look for when buying an electric wok and what makes them so important in the grand scheme of cooking and food preparation.

With this guide, you’ll be able to expertly pick a wok that will last your kitchen for years and provide you with hours of easy cooking, 
delicious meals, and simple clean ups. The electric wok has only progressed in recent years to become even more durable, easy to use, and delicious to eat from, so it’s one of the most worthwhile investments you’ll ever make.
Choosing an electric wok is a serious decision to be made for your kitchen. This one piece of electric cookware can help you create so many different meals and do so with ease, so you need to consider just how much use it will get before you decide on a final one. 


Best Electric Wok 

We’ve rounded up the very best on the market for you, so you can feel peace of mind that you’ve chosen a winner.

Winner: Presto Electric Wok

When it comes to electric woks, the Presto is by far one of the leaders on the market. This popular appliance brand knows how to make people happy in the kitchen and they couldn’t have done any better with their 5900 Electric Wok. It’s durable, easy to use, and makes cooking a breeze, so it ticks all of the boxes for your next appliance.

An electric wok makes it easier to cook authentic eastern cuisine but the 
Presto Electric Wok can be used for so much more than that. With a stainless steel bodyand side loop handles it looks and feels just like a traditional wok but uses the power of electricity to heat it up.
A few of the reviews were disappointed at how the heat distributed on this wok and found that it wasn’t as even as cooking with a traditional style of wok. It’s true that this is usually the case with 
stainless steel or electric styles, so if this doesn’t suit the type of cooking you’ll be doing then you might not be suited to an electric one.

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Runner Up: Breville Hot Wok

If you’re looking for a serious wok that can handle just about anything you throw at it, the Breville Hot Wok is the one for you. although it’s priced well above others on the market it’s also capable of so much more. This wok suits those who want more than a standard wok can offer and is happy to pay extra to get it.
Measuring in at 14 inches and with a six-quart capacity, this wok is the perfect sizefor families. Usually, you’ll be able to feed up to six people with this depending on portion size and what type of meal you’re making.

However, for the price, you might expect a little more from it. If you’re used to entertaining large crowds or cooking for larger families, something bigger likely would have been perfect.

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This wok uses a butterfly element that allows it to distribute heat evenly, even up the walls of the wok. As an area where many other electric woks fall short, this is definitely a great feature to have. Many traditional woks use this type of heat distribution so it will get you an authentic piece of cookware with the modern touch of electricity.

The good news is that plenty of the online reviewers claim to have had their Breville Hot Wok for years, and people are gladly purchasing a replacement when their first has finally given up. Although there’s only a year warranty on the device, it seems that it will long outlast that so it’s a worthy investment for your kitchen.
The area where the Breville Hot Wok sadly falls short is with its coating. Although designed to offer a nonstick surface, it’s actually coated with something quite flimsy which starts to come off after some use. You’ll need to be careful how rigorously you cook and 
clean the wok otherwise this could cause a lot of problems.

For this price, this isn’t really an issue that you’d expect to see, but it doesn’t have too much of an impact on the overall functionality. If you’re after a wok that can do everything from stir fry to sear, the Breville Hot Wok is versatile enough to tackle all kinds of cooking and do so with style and convenience.

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Alternative: Aroma Housewares Electric Wok

When you want the ease and convenience of an electric wok but don’t really have the budget for anything fancy, something like the Aroma Housewares Electric Wok is a great option.

This is a simple and no-frills electric wok with a price tag to match, proving you don’t have to spend a fortune just to get something quality. In terms of the best electric wok for the money, this would definitely be a top contender.

One of the best things about this wok is its seven-quart capacity, making it just that bit bigger than other electric woks on the market. This means it would be great for larger families or those who like to entertain, without costing anything extra just to get the size upgrade.

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Some have mentioned the sides are too shallow to really stir anything, but this doesn’t seem to be a common complaint.
Another design feature that makes the Aroma Housewares Electric Wok hard to get used to is the lid as it blocks your view of the cooking process. Most electric woks have a see-through tempered glass lid so you can see what’s happening underneath but this one uses a lot of checking and lifting to get an idea.
However, they’ve managed to make up for this design flaw with a couple of other features you might not find on electric woks. Both the handles and base are made of a cooling material that means they won’t get hot.  There’s also a full range temperature control dial so you can get the wok to the exact level you need no matter what you’re cooking.

Some reviewers have found the cord to be a hindrance because it doesn’t actually detach, so when it comes time to clean you’ll have to be careful. However, these few small issues aside the Aroma Housewares device truly is a well-made electric wok and ideal for someone who doesn’t have a large budget but doesn’t want to sacrifice on quality.

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2nd Alternative: Sonya Shabu Shabu Hot Pot

When you’re looking for a wok that’s a little different, you might have considered investing in a shabu shabu pot. These traditional styles of Japanese pots seem to be gaining popularity and they operate much like an electric wok. The Sonya Shabu Shabu Hot Pot is a best seller and seems to be a great choice for anyone looking for a wok that’s unique.

The Sonya Shabu Shabu Hot Pot has a 5.3 quart capacity but its unusual shapes mean you can fit a little more in there than a standard wok. According to Sonya, you should be able to feed a family of six with the one device, so it’s great for all sizes.
The best thing about these types of pots is that they come with an internal divider that allows you to create two different flavors at once without them touching.

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These traditional types of pots are great for cooking at the table, and that’s how they are usually used. This means the whole family can sit down to eat and serve themselves straight from the pot. With the added convenience of electricity, you can even keep it plugged in and hot for hours, so long as you have an outlet that reaches.

This hot pot is great for all 
styles of Asian cuisine and when you’re done with the cooking you can simply remove the pot and clean it. There’s no official word from Sonya about whether or not it’s safe for the dishwasher, so you’re better off hand washing it just to be safe.

It might seem like an inconvenience but it will ensure your pot lasts many years and something that must be done.
The Sonya Shabu Shabu Hot Pot is perfect for those looking for something different from their wok, and those who feel like they’ve experimented enough as it is with their old cookware. This pot is versatile and easy to use, so those who have never even cooked with one before will find it simple to create mouth-watering dishes with.

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3rd Alternative: Osta DuraCeramic Wok

If you’re someone who takes their health seriously and has always wanted to invest in an electric wok but didn’t want the risk of peeling or flaking non-stick surfaces in your food, your prayers have been answered. The Osta DuraCeramic Wok is a non-stick wok with a difference, made with a durable ceramic coating.

The difference with these ceramic cookware products is that they don’t rely on chemicals or non-stick surfaces to keep your food cooking with ease. Usually, you’ll find peeling or scratching surfaces are quite common in these types of devices, and if that puts you off entirely you’re not alone.

The Osta DuraCeramic has been proven to be four times more durable than other non-stick surfaces so you’re guaranteed to have something that will last a while. Not only is it tougher but it also heats up sooner which means less tie spent in the kitchen and more time enjoying meals with friends and family.

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However, while these features all sound amazing, there are some design flaws. A huge problem is the location of the temperature dial as it’s too hard to read which means you’re guessing a lot of the time. Secondly, the cord is short so you’ll need to use an extension lead if you’re planning on cooking even a little bit away from the outlet.

People seemed amazed at how evenly the Osta DuraCeramic Wok cooked and it appeared to spread the heat quite well over the whole device. Another great thing about ceramic is that it’s easy to clean so you don’t have to spend ages scrubbing dishes when you’re done eating. Don’t go putting it in the dishwasher, though, as it will undoubtedly do some damage.

Although ceramic isn’t a traditional choice for a wok, it seems to work quite well in this setting. When used for an electric wok, ceramic is a durable and fast way to cook so it might be something we can expect to see more of in the future. Once the other minor details are fixed, this would definitely be one of the best nonstick electric wok choices on the market.

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The Benefits Of An Electric Wok

We all know how great woks are in terms of cookware, and it’s obvious why they've been used around the world for so many years. But what is it about the electric wok that makes them so appealing, and just what benefits do they hold for you and your kitchen?


You might assume that an electric wok would cost a lot more due to the bonus of electricity powering it up, but they’re actually some of the most affordable appliances you can get. They’re perfect for people who like simple cooking utensils without a lot of bells and whistles, and most quality brands are made tough enough to last for years.


Having one simple appliance that’s capable of doing so much is extremely convenient. All you have to do is plug it and it will do the hard work for you.
These are also great for people with limited kitchen space or without a stove to cook on, so you don’t have to go without a hot meal. Some can even be disconnected and put in the dishwasher, making them even easier to use.


Cooking with an electric wok means you can do it anywhere there’s a power source. These can be used at home, served up at parties, even taking on camping trips and hooked up to a generator, so they’re extremely versatile in where and how you use them.

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When compared to traditional woks, you’re relying on the stovetop to do the heating. These are built with their own heating elements that work faster and get your wok heated up in mere seconds, so they’re a lot quicker to cook with.


Although traditional woks were used in eastern parts of the world and mainly for eastern cuisines, the electric wok is capable of so much more. Depending on the size of their base, they can create pasta sauces, stir fry, scrambled eggs, and desserts, all capable with just one device.


What To Look For When Choosing Your Electric Wok


In order to choose the best wok to suit your kitchen and cooking needs, there are some points you’ll have to consider. Although we’ve shown you the best electric woks on the market, it’s still handy to know just what makes them so great and how they affect the cooking process.


The capacity of an electric wok is usually measured in quart size, with 5 quarts being around the standard. There is the option to buy bigger or smaller, but this size usually suits a standard family and is capable of serving 2-6 guests.


A wok’s coating usually needs to have non-stick properties that prevent your food from getting stuck during the cooking process. This can be done either with a special nonstick coating or using something like ceramic which is naturally non-stick.


The speed in which an electric wok heats up may be of importance to you if you’re looking for fast and easy meals. Some materials heat quicker than others, so you’ll need to consider this when choosing your wok.


Most electric woks use a power source that can be disconnected, making it easier to clean the wok without damaging the cord. Otherwise, hand washing will be required in order to keep it working well.


Each wok style comes with maximum temperatures that it can achieve and these are usually controlled with a dial or button. Choosing one that allows you to adjust the temperature is important if you want to cook a variety of meals with it.


A Simple And Efficient Piece Of Cookware

The wok in itself is one of the best inventions we’ve ever seen in the culinary world and something that makes it easy for everyday home chefs to recreate tastes from many different cultures. By adding the power of electricity to these devices we bring them to a whole new level and make cooking easier than ever.
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Whenever you’re shopping for a new kitchen appliance it’s important to take your time. Although the warranty on most electronics today only lasts for a year or so, when they’re made well they will last a lot longer than that and some are even put to use every day in the kitchen. Therefore, choosing the right one is essential.

Whether you choose one of our top recommendations for the best electric wok or spend your own time researching what’s out there, you’ll need to ensure it’s well made, easy to use, and durable enough to last.

With the number of hours we spend in the kitchen and the importance of a good, home-cooked meal, you need to be sure you’re working with the right supplies.